"Jack was not only cooperative but showed great professionalism in every aspect of the negotiations and the transaction as a whole."
-- E.A. Esq., East Walnut Hills
"After two other Real Estate firms failed to sell or even keep contact (if the house was being shown), we met Jack when the listing contract had expired. He assured us that it would sell and kept us informed of his progress. He did everything as he said - all went extremely smoothly - even the closing! Thanks, Jack!"
-- J.W. & V.W., Evendale
"When Andrew decided it was time to leave the 'big house' and move to a condominium, I had absolutely no idea how this would all play out - especially with the market for our home not appearing its strongest. You took the time to help us interpret the data so that it made sense and we proceeded forward! We love high-rise living (the view is just awesome - we never tire of it and we now drive by the old homestead with fond memories of a pleasant, smooth (and actually quite fun!) transition. Many thanks, Jack!"
-- L.S.F., Indian Hill
"From the initial telephone call of inquiry when Jack proved his excellent communication skills (someone who handles a phone well these days is a rarity), my wife and I knew we had selected the very best person to help us through the sale of my father's home and the complexities of being Executor of the Estate. Thanks, Jack...you and your team are superb!"
-- R.D., M.D., Hyde Park
"Jack made the house-hunting experience enjoyable and one that I will never forget. He was always prompt in returning phone calls, which were frequent, and doing the necessary follow-up. Jack took the time to get to know us personally - it seemed we forged a friendship and not just a partnership. He is our Realtor for life!"
-- S.J. , Pleasant Ridge
"Jack was always looking at the market in search of the perfect house for us. Despite a heightened level of efficiency, he really listened to and got to know us in depth, without the usual 'question and answer' process most people employ to 'bond' with their clients (my wife wishes I had that ability..). Nonetheless,a home came on the market Friday morning; Jack called immediately and it was ours by the end of that day (it was exactly what we had wanted!). We have found a great friendship in our Realtor - how fortunate you must feel to have his affiliation with your brokerage firm."
-- M.R.V., Mt. Lookout
"Although we knew it was time to make the move to a larger home for reasons of space and economics, the very thought of scheduling time to begin and continue the process seemed daunting, at best. Being a doctor, I recognize the value of time and certainly respect the value you place on your time and on others. From start to finish, from the time you took the listing on the old house until the day we move into the new one, every aspect went more smoothly than one could ever imagine. We are very pleased Randy thought enough of us to recommend you. This was fun!"
-- M.W., MD, Lakeside Park, Kentucky
"As you know, my position takes me the world over. My concerns in beginning this process took into account the ability, on the part of whomever I dealt with, to be capable of handling communications in a variety of forms. Not only are you the consummate professional, able to listen to my communication,understand it, interpret it and confidently communicate my needs and concerns to a third party expertly with ease. Your gift lies in being able to do so in whatever form, be it voice, e-mail, fax or phone - in whatever time zone it may be - effortlessly and clearly. And that ability telegraphs itself through your staff. I really have to believe your statement of being 'technologically inept,' as you call yourself, is nothing more than a smoke-screen for your true billiance! Thanks for being available to orchestrate such a seamless transition! Give Duncan a squeeze for us and Boxer-Boy!"
-- R.B. & J.H. , North Avondale

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